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Here at Sunny Slope, we build high-quality Amish pole barns, garages, storage facilities and more.

If you're looking for a team of reliable Amish pole barn builders, then look no further. We've built our trusted reputation on quality craftsmanship coupled with our attention to detail and first-class customer service.

We'll work closely with you from consultation to completion to ensure sure you get a post-frame building that meets your exact specifications and design requirements.

We look forward to putting our years of experience and expertise to work for you. We offer a free consultation, including price quotes and time estimates, so feel free to call us anytime or reach out to us in the form provided.

The Benefits of Amish Pole Barns and Post-Frame Construction


More Space

Post-frame constructions don't use interior walls for support, giving you the flexibility to create expansive spaces and open interiors.

Additionally, the columns used are spaced at greater distances than in stick-frame construction, allowing for extra large wall openings for doors and windows.



Pole barns are simply more affordable than their stick-frame counterparts. This is in part because pole barns don't require a continuous concrete slab foundation, which greatly reduces the overall project costs.

Note that a concrete slab can be added afterward at a fraction of a cost of a continuous foundation.

Pole barn construction also requires fewer materials and overall building components than a stick-frame building, which shortens the construction time and thus the overall costs.



The metal siding and roofing materials that we use makes our constructions durable and long-lasting, and the anchored posts give the structures more strength to resist strong winds and heavy snow.

Premium Pole Barns in Pennsylvania and Beyond

We build Amish pole barns here in Pike County, Pennsylvania and deliver them to locations all across the Mid-Atlantic region including Delaware, the District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Virginia and West Virginia.

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