We build solid foundations. It's what we do and we're good at it.

Why Hire Sunny Slope to Prepare a Site for Your Shed?

First and foremost, we specialize in foundations, so we're very good at what we do. We know what each shed type needs, and this allows us to build quickly and efficiently.

You'll benefit from our experience, which means enjoying a stress-free process from beginning to end. We'll work directly with your shed company, and any other contractors to make sure the foundation you need is installed correctly with no hassle to you.

Ultimately, you'll save yourself the time and effort of trying to do it all yourself. We make sure to pay attention to the details because they matter.

Are Foundations Worth the Money?

Having the correct foundation will ensure your shed is stable and functional and that the contents are kept safe and dry. You'll protect your investment and give your structure a nice long life.

Poorly built foundations can cause a number of problems:

Water Damage
Without a proper foundation, water and moisture can seep through the soil, causing rot and corrosion of your structure.

And we typically build the pad 12" wider on all sides so that rain will drain into the stone. This also prevents mud splash on the sides of your shed.

Uneven Foundation
This will cause problems with the proper functioning of your doors and windows, preventing them from opening and closing smoothly.

Structural Damage
A solid and durable foundation will help prevent your floor from sagging or warping over time.

Rodent Control
A stone foundation discourages rodents from digging their way into your shed and from chewing through the floor.

Premium Amish Pole Barns and Garages

Here at Sunny Slope, we build high-quality Amish pole barns, garages, storage facilities and more.

We'll work closely with you from consultation to completion to ensure sure you get a post-frame building that meets your exact specifications and design requirements.